masterbation, or stroking the penis until a climax it reached.
we was whackin' it
by dan-squared September 22, 2008
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Slang term for masturbation.

Any man born with a penis and a hand with at least a thumb and 2 fingers should be able to accomplish the feat.

Step 1: Find a good place to remove penis from pants. Suggestion: Shower, bedroom, dusty attic.

Step 2: Withdraw penis from pants.

Step 3: Double check location for humans and house pets. If they see you it could be uncomfortable.

Step 4: Open hand, place penis in hand, get a firm grip around your 'cock'. Lotion may be necessary to prevent chafing.

Step 5: Stroke penis with hand either gently or feverishly (or both).

Step 6: Repeat step 5 over and over until white fluid is ejected from the mushroom shaped head sitting atop the shaft. This should feel exquisite.
I enjoy feverishly whackin my cock in my dusty attic while rats bite at my toes and scrotum any chance I get.

I think about big fat Jamaican women when I am whackin my schlong. They make good grits and have jungle titties. I want to stick my penis in their large, dark, cavernous vaginas.
by ChocolateCoveredBallsacks March 6, 2008
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Hand or hands of an individual male that have been used to pleasure oneself.
Person #1: why didn't you give Rick a high 5?

Person #2: i ain't touching his hand yo, it's a whackin' hand.
by DaPredator May 17, 2010
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deer whackin' is when you take your chevy pickup and hit deer as they are crossing the road or you kick it in 4x4 and chase them across the orchard
Kentucky: hey jimmy joe bob you wanna do a little deer whackin? Jimmy joe bob: no way i no how your driving is and you scare the shit out of me and i might need some new britches!!!!
by Kentucky January 29, 2005
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The sudden urge to whack off
Joe: Yo, I have to go.

Jonny: Why?

Joe: Because the whackin munchies!

Jonny: :O
by THE WHACKER!! May 12, 2009
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Masturbating. To masturbate.

To release the krakin, when by krakin you mean your penis.
Tod: Hey Joe, were you just whackin' the krakin in the bathroom?

Joe: No.
by Krakin Whaker June 14, 2010
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When a midget prostitute goes to the store and buys a large jar of pickles; makes a bikini out of the pickle skin, and then proceeds to have sexual intercourse with a hippo.
In order to win her men over, sequoia performs the whackin n pickles routine; fortunately it has never failed.
by Skydivin Paraplegic August 4, 2009
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