a p2p user who likes getting high and hates es5
lamer: i love es5 it is the best app in the world
WH: you sir are a fucking moron es5 sux
by WH June 04, 2004
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1. Sound made with yout throat
2. When combined with the hand action (covering mouth then removing only the fingers as the sound is made) shows a disrespect for authority.
when the teacher talked to Mr. Smith he covered his mouth and said "wwwwwwhh"
by Andrew November 30, 2003
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To describe when a person is acting (in the stereotypical sense) like a white person
Look at that man, he's so WH!
by BLV1.0 November 22, 2007
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Hey mark, I found some cheap wh at cheapwh.net!
by remidore.com October 20, 2020
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