It's also meant for a buIl with no balls so when it is said to another person your telling them they have no balls no heart there not about shit.
You ain't gonna handle shit Wey. Your all talk.
by Savage 666 August 26, 2016
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1.(mexican slang) the origanal defenition is a bull with his testes cut off to make him work harder before he is slaughtered because he isn't going to be sexually active any more(this is ussually refered to as a guy who wheres the dress in the family :D or has a gold digng wife or is being cheated on and he knowes it but doesn't do any thing about it, also it can just be a regular wats up name like yo

plz edit this I know it's really slopy
1.no that bull is wey
2.his wife never lets him go out he is wey
3.she has him working 80 hours a week because he is wey
4.wats up wey?
by Eltapatio January 18, 2005
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Gianni: Eh paesan! Come va?
Tony: Wey! Non c'รจ male, e tu?
by Mad_Wog_Gina_Per_Sempre May 10, 2004
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A derrogatory word to call someone, as in the word "jerk".
Pinche wey! or Oye wey, voy a matar!
by reflexbowhunter December 31, 2003
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a shortcut for "What ever you say". Mainly used on the Internet.
- Come with me.
-Ok, weys.
by shade303 January 09, 2012
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The misspelling of JUE.

W is rarely used in Spanish.

JUE? JUEGAN: To play
JUE is like Ass in US.

WEY is misspelled, JUE.
by GREGORY HALL May 07, 2008
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