Whatever abbreviated.
Like I care. Wev. Popular with the emo set.
by alexpleasant December 9, 2005
pirple creature thing with no arms or legs
purple playtpus with no arms or legs
by matthew December 24, 2004
the shortest vocally possible form of "whatever". a shortening of "whatevs". often spelled "w'evs". retarded younger brother of "w'ever"
dummy buddy: yo, crummy, whatever happened to that breeze you were stickin'?

slummy dummy: i fed that bitch on nathan but game, the ho got tired and dipped.

dummy buddy: that sucks doo, she was a ril looker.

slummy dummy: wevs man, i'm over it.
by block dummy November 16, 2007
Abbreviation of Whatever.

Used in many Blogs and texts, first usage was in the mid 1990's by Melissa McEwan, one of the worlds top liberal bloggers.
for anyone that thinks being a misogynist is cool, although I'd like to educate them, this is often too difficult because of their lack of brain cells, instead I just say Wev!
by pipk62 May 3, 2008
General Manager: Sales are down. Your team needs to sell more!

Sales Director: Wev's!
by JRE*** January 13, 2011
An expression of mocking disbelief. A further abbreviated form of “whatev” or “whatever”.
He acts like he's all cool, but I'm all like WEV looser, you aint cooler than me!
by rbelong2us April 27, 2009
A wev is a short video of a person or event that has to do with class of 3000! Usually a funny video or a really old one. sometimes other fandoms use this term but it’s very uncommon
Person 1: “243 is my favourite wev!”
Person 2: “cool. Same”
by yayyyyy me! March 25, 2021