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Femocracy or feminist democracy, is a concept that denotes a commitment to socially inclusive and responsible governance - practices that will serve as an antidote to the politics of war, global economic apartheid, environmental destruction, and the social exclusion of male and female persons due to their gender, race, ethnicity, country of origin, language, religion, sexual orientation, class, and/or physical or mental ability (Pink Sapphic)

It is also a campaign by The Fawcett Society to promote awareness of ethnic minority women in politics

www.myspace.com/ pinksapphic
No need to ask if I am a man hater, I know some very precious men, and FEMOCRACY does not exclude men. It is important that humanity moves towards a FEMOCRACY

FEMOCRACY is Fawcett’s exciting new campaign working directly with ethnic minority women on their political empowerment
by pipk62 April 28, 2008
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Abbreviation of Whatever.

Used in many Blogs and texts, first usage was in the mid 1990's by Melissa McEwan, one of the worlds top liberal bloggers.
for anyone that thinks being a misogynist is cool, although I'd like to educate them, this is often too difficult because of their lack of brain cells, instead I just say Wev!
by pipk62 May 3, 2008
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When a child tells a parent that they are doing something, for example a chore, when instead they are actually doing something else.

Derived from Tidying; to tidy, this came from a keyboard mistake, as the D and F are adjacent on qwerty keyboards
"Yes Dad, I am tidying my room" actually I'm Tifying! on the internet

by pipk62 May 3, 2008
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