1.when someone is doin really good at something.
2.or tight
1.(basketball game) did you see that 3 pointer...that was hella wet.

2.daamnn those jordans are wet yo
by nathan gatts September 20, 2007
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A term originally referring to good shooting in basketball which is more broadly applicable to anything good or fly.
Yo, that boy Kyle Korver is kinda wet on them treys.

That new Clipse CD is sorta wet.
by Brizz Nach March 14, 2007
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Short form of "Wetbacks"- has come to mean any illigeal alien (EWI).

We came here to arrest the one tonk, but everyone in here is wet.
by VergeOfChaos October 09, 2005
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In basketball, a player is wet when he seems incapable of missing a shot, especially a long-range jump-shot.
Damn, that's three threes in a row. Steve Nash is wet!
by Sejanus June 13, 2008
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