The act of moistening one's finger with one's own saliva, and inserting said finger into another's ear canal.
I pinned Julie to the ground and gave her a wet willie.
by stamm September 1, 2003
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someone putting their wet, ugly, disgusting, crusty, no-good, dirty, slimy, slim jim ass, finger in your waxy no-good ear and twisting it till it hurts.
john: "wet willies"
will: why tf did you give me a wet willie
john: bec-
will: oh is see, my because my name is will
by JaCk Is ZeStY May 3, 2023
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Insert wet dildo into the ear of your lover or friend in an attempt to be funny...then run like hell.

Can use saliva or other bodily fluids.
Dude I gave her the best wet willie ever...then she beat my ass.
by gogoppl August 9, 2010
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a prank in which the prankster licks/spits on his finger, sticks it in the victims ear hole and then turns it round and round.
"i gave that asshole a wet will"
"that asshole gave me a wet willy"
by the_jinx April 1, 2003
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When one wets a finger generally the pinky usually by covering in saliva then inserts into somebodys earhole and spins eraticly causing overall discomfort in order to wreak havoc or humiliate.
Caley:"Dude i was making out with some chick last night and Zacc gave me a wet willy!"
Sam:"Oh real? Dude that sucks"
by Sam .B May 22, 2007
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Its when u lick ur finger then put it in some ones ear and twist ur wet finger around.
by cartman5000 August 12, 2004
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A wet willy is to lick/spit on your finger creep up to an unsuspecting person and put your finger in their ear while turning it around
"I gave John a wet willy"
"That bastard Jake gave me a wet willy
by Tommygee34 November 19, 2005
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