To deliberately mislead someone with terrible advice for your own amusement.
"Chris told me I'd get free loot if I asked for a check at the bubble... Man, I got westbrooked, hard."
by Pygmy_Cosmonaut September 24, 2017
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being bad at everything
Bill is always westbrooking when it comes to writing.
by Get Rekt! September 21, 2015
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Thinking you are superior while actually being inferior; arrogance
John was westbrooking at the swim contest.
by XXelmer'sXX November 10, 2015
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boring mill town. teenage inhabitants rather associate themselves with the network of kids from neighboring cities.
just a bunch of Westbrook punks.
by juliaspaperbags July 17, 2008
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To get 7 triple doubles in 7 consecutive days
I'm gonna go all Westbrook at tonight's game
by easymoneysniperkd35 December 14, 2016
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Where the kids all wear their pajamas for school or work. Love to hang out near water because they can. Adults never grow out of the pajama thing either. Happy that the mill doesn't smell anymore!
I'm going to Westbrook today where are my pajamas.
by kitchenprincess October 17, 2008
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