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To deliberately mislead someone with terrible advice for your own amusement.
"Chris told me I'd get free loot if I asked for a check at the bubble... Man, I got westbrooked, hard."
by Pygmy_Cosmonaut September 24, 2017
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boring mill town. teenage inhabitants rather associate themselves with the network of kids from neighboring cities.
just a bunch of Westbrook punks.
by juliaspaperbags July 17, 2008
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Where the kids all wear their pajamas for school or work. Love to hang out near water because they can. Adults never grow out of the pajama thing either. Happy that the mill doesn't smell anymore!
I'm going to Westbrook today where are my pajamas.
by kitchenprincess October 16, 2008
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One of the worst towns you can grow up in, but the inhabitants love it anyway. Very few of the teachers actually try to teach anything, there are drug dealers all over, and teens have sex whenever their parents leave the room. Most girls are sluts who wear clothes 3 sizes too small and never look up from their phones, and most guys are douchebags, obsessed with sex, bullies, and listen to dubstep.
Person 1: Man, me and Katy really did it last night.

Person 2: What the heck man, you're 13! Where are you from, Westbrook?
by rpcd132 May 12, 2012
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a small neighborhood where neighbor have massive ping pong parties till three in the morning while cooking a pie over a fire in the drive way. you will sometimes see gang members out window tapping on the neibors and watch them do there nasty mexican porn. westbrooks arch gang rival is across 100th where those poor ass whiggers try and defend there place.
i drove in westbrook last night and there was this giant gang haveing a ping pong party and roasting a pie on a fire at three in the morning.

oh dude i know its crazy up in there.
by kjhgvki November 08, 2009
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