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Like a male version of a douche bag, used for cleansing the area between the genitals, and the rectum.
After a long run, I had to use a werty to cool down.
by MisterSami September 12, 2005
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to fart while a girl is jerking you off
o amn.. it was horrible!!! i had a werty yesterday... she hated it!
by COVINGTON YEE July 10, 2003
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another word for 'watery'
this cereal is werty
by Janitlamason April 11, 2003
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Person 1: Hey do you wanna hang out?
Person 2: werty
by outsweet July 11, 2017
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Somebody everyone loves and lick his feet. He rules over mostly everything including Tooks.
wertys: yo Tooks
Tooks prays for wertys to get his girl pregnant.
wertys: no problem
by Jean-Francois April 10, 2005
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