A game when people take turns throwing ping pong balls at each others backs. The first person to quit loses. When the pong balls are dipped in water they hurt worst than you think, btw.
A: ooooo man your welt formed a red lump instantly
T: I know man my love-handles make good targets!
by tepdoes October 23, 2008
(See Cocksmack) The welt left by the head of a circumsized cock after a bitch gets out of line when giving you head and needs to get smacked upside her head.
Oh man, it's turns out that bitch was a biter and I had to leave her with a vicious mushroom welt!
by Joe Cool February 6, 2004
penis welt penis welt penis welt penis welt penis welt penis welt penis welt penis welt penis welt!
by Bisepic February 27, 2019
When you finish having sex with a dirty girl and now have a welt on your dick not knowing if its an STD or not
Bro I got a penis welt and I do not know if i have AIDS or not
by Wubby April 5, 2019
Multiple bruises and raised red marks emanating from the vaginal vacinity as a result of slappy coitus.
I didn't think the dick-slapping would cause such well-defined fuck welts.
by Schmedley Finkelstein November 26, 2010
The facial trauma resulting from slapping someone in the face repeatedly with an erection.
"Dude, I gave Holly some SERIOUS weiner welts last night!"
by Majic Johnson November 1, 2011