A response to someone when you have no interest in what they are saying.

A replacement for telling someone to "fuck off"

Used similarly to how Stone Cold Steve Austin uses the word "what"
Jimmy : "I will own you in a game of uno"
Dale : "Na you"

Jamalquan: I bet all yall mutha fuckaz that I got the biggest dick in this movie theater.

Winston: Pfft na you.

Jamalquan: WHAT! nigga I will kill you!

Winston: NA FUCKIN' YOU!
by Palthany Antiwoda June 22, 2010
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A statement made to someone especially a man, either to conform him into making a horrible decision, downplay his masculinity or to offer insincere praise.
This usually ends in immense shame.
Go downstairs and confront him, na man you be

See as you dey shine na man you be

Na man you be ooo, you no fit buy car for your babe
by D_Pryme September 10, 2020
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