another way of saying deepthroat
"Michelle, if you didn't go 610 on sebenteen guys, then you wouldn't have lost your voice."
by Anonymous April 23, 2004
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area code for Reading, PA and its surroundings.
by dat_nigga34 July 9, 2005
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Some people don't like to give their location over the internet to random strangers. For a general idea of where one would live, a common response would be "the 610", the area code for where I live. It includes a vast majority of the South-east portion of PA.
I live in the 610.
I didn't want to tell *insert epal's name here* where I live, so I told him I live in the 610.
Under "Hometown" on MySpace, it says that I live in the 610.
by Someone living in the 610 October 5, 2007
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610 is the birth date of mohammed(profit of islam)
the coup said in the song digg it: oakland california not for 610. wich may reffer that they are not so happy with religions (the coup is a hiphop group that believes in marxism)
by nieuw jorik jan-kees December 13, 2010
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The apartment number of the wildest most vulgar fucked up parties in Boston. 610 is comprised of 8 apartments that every weekend throw down and throw ruthless absurd parties regardless of the frequent police intervention. Whether or not the party will get broken up 610's main goal is to party and fuck shit up.
What's going on tonight?

Oh, I'm sure 610 is having a party as usual.
by The Nutsack sucking master April 17, 2010
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I bunch of dumb bitch ass niggas that nobody likes
Iam in 610 also another way of saying iam sped iam so stupid and like getting clowned on being defined
by Fuck 610 October 28, 2019
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A group of Vancouver pussies who talk shit and act all hard but all they do is try to jump people then they get jumped.
if you fuck with me i’ll get 610 on you 🤡
by IdoCrack October 25, 2019
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