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1) The term used to describe someone of a peculiar nature or who acts/lives in strange ways.
2) Someone who shows obvious signs of belonging to the "indie" click, but also another. So a hybrid, one part "indie", one part something else, often considered weird.
1) "Hey, that guys a weirdie" (as opposed to that guy is weird)
Billy: That guy looks like an indie kid, no wait he's an emo.
Jean: That my friend is a weirdie!
by PartTimePartyBoy August 27, 2008
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Werdie: noun

Definition: a retard from the streets of date or cedar, occasionally Edison too. These streets are located in the depths of Montara, CA. Weirdies are usually children under the age of "too old that I own an electric bike than isn't a motorcycle", they are as young as "still draw on the drive way with chalk".
"What is up homey G?"
Response: "Go away You little weirdie."
by WeirdieG December 27, 2013
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person who expresses a lot of weirdness and has issues eating, drinking, talking, and breathing. Generally a stupid or immature, or just plain weird, person. Not very social. Has a hard time understanding political jokes and collects strange and unusual objects.
Dude, stop eating glue! Your such a weirdie.
by Taylor Mountain October 03, 2008
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