An rock band known as the "hash-pipe guys" or the "sweater-song guys", known for their emotional song lyrics and ani-rock star atitude.
"Weezer is so emo" *punch in the face* "Fuck you faggot"
by Jeff Johnson July 20, 2005
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coolest band ever. once you found weezer in middle school you realized other people had thick glasses and liked star wars as much as you. hope for us nerds.
Finding Weezer was good, way cooler than finding God.
by space rock September 04, 2009
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a band that isnt emo- they arent emo becuase they created a genre called nerd rock....emo is a break of of which people who falied to emulate the sound they gave
weezer is not there to be depressing where as emo is
by the weez October 22, 2006
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Best. Band. Ever.
Nick: Hey dude, I got tickets to WEEZER!
John: Chya, they're only like the best. band. ever.
by weezrulesss January 18, 2009
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first of weezer is the greatest band ever thats right they are and secondly they dont predate the term emo and the term was created on the dc scene but thats beyond the point all of their albums have a uniqe
sound to them that seperates them from the rest of their albums they also have killer music videos.
by domad August 15, 2005
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A band that was officially formed on Feburary 14,1992. And has released a masterpiece of an album in 1994. It was called the Blue Album. Then in 1996 the album Pinkerton was released, it had okay reviews. Then Weezer went a brief hiatus.....for 5 years.... Anyway in 2001 Weezer put out the Green Album that was complete shit. The only relativly good song on the album was Island In the Sun. September24, 2002 weezer released a limited cd called "The Lion and the Witch" which was limited to 25,000 copies. The cds were only sold in small record stores around America. The next cd will be released sometime in 2004, and the Dvd will be released March 23 2004. (I think) The best band ever, so questions asked.
Guy: Yo, what's the best band?
Another Guy: Weezer.
by Anjroo February 13, 2004
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i totally agree with TylerDurden2001. weezer is so awesome and the people who dis weezer cause they think that they're complete badass rockers need to get over themselves.
by asdfehtfd August 24, 2003
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