A brilliant Nerd-Rock band fronted by Rivers Cuamo, who lives in an apartment with a chair and a microwave.
'By jove, this song 'Say it aint' so' is brilliant!'

'I whole heartedly agree Winthorpe'
by Citezen:Erased May 31, 2005
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A band that is not and cannot be "emo." "Emo" is a word created to further the delineation of all music into tiny, highly-specified categories. It is a false label, much as "grunge" was in the early 1990's. Moreover, it is a recent term, new within the past year or two, while Weezer's Blue Album was released in 1994, quite a long time before some recording industry advertising hack created the term "emo." Weezer, having predated "emo" by a number of years, cannot therefore be "emo."
Weezer plays rock music, much the same as most all other "emo," "punk," "metal," etc. bands.
by Akusai September 14, 2003
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a really awesome band. some people think that they are emo or punk, but in reality they are a brand loser rock known as indie.
cool guy:i love weezer
screamokid(me):hells yeah i love em too
stupid emokid:they suck
me:YOU SUCK!!!
by the counterculture April 23, 2005
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Weezer are sort of a nerd rock band... but the thing is that they have created their own mixed genre with a bit of everything. Everything to do with the Weez should be based around Blue and Pinkerton, 2 of my favourite albums ever.
They did OK with their latest three albums, Green, Maladroit, and Make Believe but have evidently deteirated over time.
I like their early lyrics and melodies... and the best song is probably... eughh... no, I can't decide.
Weezer pwn yoose. OK?
by Rincewind_SW July 21, 2005
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weezer is a band. and they're good.
um, like, J-POP!
by a-n May 19, 2003
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the most amazing band in the entire world! with amazing melodies and lyrics. they're not emo. so all you fags who think it is go to fucking hell!
some kid: weezer is a emo wannabe
me: shut the fuck up and go cry you little emo fag. weezer is not emo, they're not going to be emo, so keep your damn hardcore shit to yourself you winny fag!
by james October 21, 2004
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