a slightly disturbing version of Luigi with a distinct creepy, unsettling stare.He usually appears in random pictures videos,and most notably infecting random people with his "weegee virus" that causes the victim to become a replica of himself. Not to be confused with his older brother Malleo.
by $fhjiu$cdexz May 4, 2008
luigi's permanent transformation bent on destroying the universe, he is able to turn you into a weegee if you look deeply into his eyes. see weegeee stare
link: i'm ready to fight!

luigi: i will pwn you with my 1337 skillz

*luigi gets a smash ball*

link: oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luigi: raaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!

link: who are you?!


link: wtf...... your ugly

weegee:............. :(
Someone for Glasgow in Scotland. They're called 'weegees' as its shortened from 'GlasWEGian.
Teacher - Class we have a new pupil in our class from Glasgow
Pupil to friend - Oh no, it's a weegee!
by chuckster8876 June 21, 2011
Someone from the fine city of Glasgow in Scotland, UK. Short for "Glaswegian" (=a native of Glasgow).
"We're playing Celtic this afternoon, the towns going to be crawling with weegees."
by refusal March 12, 2004
A person from the country of Norway("weegee" is short for "Norwegian")
I want to move to Norway someday! Their country's got one of the highest standards of living in the world and man, them Weegees have got some really hot women!
by Mark H July 17, 2004
The internet meme which resembles the Luigi sprite from 'Mario is Missing!" Weegee is said to be the most evil being in the universe, topping even Pedobear and Tails Doll. His stare is so frightening & blank that just the sight of it transforms the victim into a Weegee clone. Weegee's main goal is to turn the entire human race into Weegees and take over the universe. Weegee never moves, and if you ever DO see him move, you are most likely about to get killed.
Oh that Weegee stuff is such a load of bull---
*Weegee Stare*
by nintendofreak247 February 17, 2010