Someone who is insanely into anime / Japanese culture and believe they should have been born in Japan
Never uses forks, knives & spoons and instead uses chopsticks. Wears kimonos. Normally uses the word "desu" in every sentence (or atleast a japanese word. Another example is "Kawaii")
by HoganRyan01 October 5, 2017
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Someone obsessed with anime to a point where it begins to be insulting.

Someone who speaks in japanese/replaces their name with something "japanese", usually just some word they make up that sounds Asian to them.

See wapanese
Omfg, he's such a weeaboo. He won't get his hand away from dick long enough to realize that his anime isn't real and he's not actually Japanese.
by Undeadfaggot November 27, 2016
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Weeaboo's basically disrespect the culture and make complete asses of themselves. See Logan Paul.
Logan Paul threw poke balls and dead fish at Japanese people to make himself out to be a weeaboo.
by Wordwizz November 2, 2018
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Originally a fictional game from a webcomic name the Perry Bible Fellowship, where one person would say weeaboo and get slapped on the ass with a paddle. This was later adopted as a meme on 4chan when moot got offended by prevailing anti-Wapanese sentiment on /b/. This just gave the /b/tards a new word to insult the wapanese. It is now a derogatory phrase used to insult animu fans who act like faggots on the internets.
A weeaboo can be found on Gaia Online, your schools anime club, or
by Ninja337 January 3, 2007
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1. A person so obsessed with japanese culture that they ignore their own.
2. Someone obsessed beyond healthy levels with anime.
3. People who ruin activities for other people with overzealous references to said anime.
4. People so oblivious to reality they only care about anime.
5. An action worthy of getting one's ass beaten.
1. Inuyasha fans
2. Americans claming to be "Otaku."

3. "Did you hear that kid? He won't shut up about how great Full Metal Alchemist is. Such a weeaboo."
by JonathanNeal August 7, 2007
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