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A person of African descent.
Person 1: Fuck you nigger!
Person 2: Let's not be racist, okay?
Person 1: Sorry.
by laserman413 October 03, 2016

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A flat surface which surrounds an entire room.
Person: Look at my wall.
by laserman413 September 14, 2018

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British slang for cigarette.

American slang for gay.

Short for faggot, which means a bundle of sticks.
British Guy: Hey Rupert, mind passing me a fag?

American Guy: Haha that guy's so gay, he's a fag.

Lumberjack: Charles, please bring this faggot to the fire.
by laserman413 October 04, 2016

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Someone, usually of Caucasian descent, who attempts to act as if they're Japanese. They are usually overweight teenage males. They will usually try to insult you using words they heard in an Anime, but usually end up pronouncing them wrong and making a complete fool of themselves. They almost always own bodypillows and go to anime conventions dressed in "Japanese" attire. On rare occasions, girls can be weeaboos.
Person 1: Konnichiwa Senpai!
Person 2: Fucking weeaboos.
Person 1: What the desu did you just say to me, you baka?
by laserman413 October 03, 2016

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Taking a piss
Guy: Hold up guys, I gotta drain my lizard
by laserman413 October 01, 2017

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When a game, movie or television series gets popular all of a sudden and suddenly becomes cancerous due to the small cancerous portions of the following becoming much, much bigger. A recent example of this was the Friday the 13th film series, which recently got a video game made for it that became extremely popular.
Guy 1: Hey bro, have you ever heard of Undertale?
Guy 2: Yeah man, that game got ruined by the mainstream.
by laserman413 October 01, 2017

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The process of organisms evolving into different species over the course of millions of years.
Charles Darwin: Here is my theory of evolution
Christians: No fuck you animals are the way God made them!
by laserman413 October 03, 2016

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