1) weeabo... same thing as weeb but..... takes it waaaaaay too far.
hey are u a weeaboo?
nah man I'm just a........ weeaboo duh.
by uhhhhhh a person.io April 22, 2020
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Một người nước ngoài có thể thích văn hóa, coi Anime, nói tiếng Nhật và tôn trọng văn hóa của đất nước Nhật. Đồng thời, họ cũng vẫn giữ được bản sắc của dân tộc họ, giúp cho họ ko trở thành Weeaboo (aka Wibu), những thằng cuồng văn hóa Nhật hay các cô gái 2D, vân vân.
Về cơ bản, Weeaboo ko coi trọng văn hóa và biến bản thân thành những đứa lỗ đít.
Weeaboo là lũ khốn thiếu tôn trọng văn hóa, bản sắc dân tộc của đất nước chúng và của nước Nhật.
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When a a weeaboo is frustrated sexually with the lack of furry sex or suggestive themes within an anime.
It's fucking insane. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood has nowhere near the charisma of Nekopara! I don't see how you cant understand the concept that furry representation is everything in an anime. It is what they were originally made for and to go against that is fucking disgusting. You're making me full on weeaboo discharge on your furry hating ass!
by pieisfly May 24, 2021
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A story someone makes to compensate for a lack of sex life.
A weeaboo tale from my man Kodak, represent G i trmmed it so fucking small.
My life had no purpose and I would often push myself to heart failure. Filled with rage, i flipped the entire county upside down looking for the man, my feelings getting the best of me. Finally, five hours later I found the cunt. I walked out, gun in hand and approached the man. I spoke with him and fired in his direction, what I did not realize was that Ariana was watching me and that the MP5 knocked me back on the ground, making me miss my shot,
The cunt ran off, Ariana too. I knew that this was the end.
Sirens wailed in the distance, giving me a scare, making me shaky. I positioned the barrel to my mouth and fired, the bullet going through my right cheek, however the pain was enough to knock me out.
Dreaming about an alternative reality where I was the one on top was clearly just a dream amd I knew it. I was in a coma due to being dropped by the reckless EMTs.
After the realization, my bootcamp duties were releived, and I was a free man. I am now paying in my bed, crying myself to sleep because I know I cannot win her back, the man she is with must be super rich, I am here sleeping in an alleyway near my house because my mother does not want to see me anymore, ever. I figured my chances are zero, I should give up. But that was never an option I would consider, ever. And so my last chance started, I was ready to be a man and give a pause to my feelings, Ariana, here I come~.
by KODAK45555 August 26, 2018
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