/n/:Slang term for the unpleasant odor of low tide pertaining to the female sex organ
“This is the last time I go down on a Shoreditch”

“That bitch is a real
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A longer than average 'manbun' that results in a pony tale like flop. This haircut, worn in combination with a beard, results in a style similar to Chonmage (丁髷, ちょんまげ) and closely resembles that of the hairstyle worn by ancient Japanese Samurai.

This image has become popular amongst young adult men and is synonymous with the concept of contemporary 'hipsterification' taking place in predominantly regenerated urban areas (particularly in London).
Matt: "Hey Sam, isn't Jay's manbun cool."
Sam: "Yeah, bloody Shoreditch Samurai!"
by Idonothing August 16, 2015
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Usually a new media, fashion student, photographer-type person with a privileged digital or old school arts background who lives/works/socialises in London's East End area of Shoreditch. A Shoreditch twat has at some point also worked/lived/socialised in the near-by Brick Lane. A Shoreditch twat is defined by their Hoxton Finn haircut, 80s retro 90s fusion clothes (usually a suit jacket, blue ripped jeans, and white trainers/shoes), an ability to talk about pseudo-intellectual artistic bullshit with no relevance to the real world, completely up their own backsides, and a failure to comprehend that they are the laughing stock of the rest of the normal local (ethnic) population. The Shoreditch Twat has now been immortalised by the fictional Nathan Barley and serialised on TV by Channel 4.
Look at that Shoreditch twat across the road.
by Twiki-wiki-piki March 15, 2005
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20-something dressed in over-priced torn clothing and numerous 80s retro fashion items, sometimes including pink legwarmers. Ridiculous haircuts also de-rigeur. Comonly found in Shoreditch/Hoxton area, usually making bad art in an overpriced warehouse apartment while living on seemingly limitless parental funds. Shoreditch twats where once refered to more politely by the BBC as 'Hoxton trendies'.
Look at the ridiculous haircut on that Shoreditch Twat
by Nick Dawes October 1, 2003
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