3 definitions by your mom 12344556

a face usually to annoy people
guy making an argument with some guy on the internet which does not do anything:'this sucks'
guy also making the argument with the guy above:'lenny face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) '
by your mom 12344556 July 10, 2016
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an oberly obese man-child who attends furry conventions,is weird,could maybe rape people,and more.
'DAMN look at that resti he must weigh a hundred pounds'
by your mom 12344556 July 6, 2016
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people who think they know Japanese,just cause they watch anime,or read manga.
guy number 1.'you watch naruto?'
guy number 2.'yeah i know Japanese cause' of it'
guy number1.'you're now probably a weaboo'
by your mom 12344556 July 10, 2016
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