A kid or teen, usually American, who wants to become Japanese. They spend most of their time watching anime, reading manga, and playing video games. They think that they know so much about japanese culture, but in fact know practically nothing. The easiest way to spot a weaboo is through the way they talk. They will over use many Japanese words including

And that's about it.
Other person: not another weaboo...
by Zariie February 28, 2015
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A derogatory term for an anime fan that is so obsessed with Japanese media culture that they think of themselves as superior to their own nationality and/or somehow "Japanese" even though they don't really know shit about Japan beyond "they eat noodles, sushi, soup, like to read manga and watch anime." Basically an ultra turbo nerd version of an otaku or Japanophile. They are oftentimes assholes and ride the tallest horses known to man simply because they have watched something you haven't.
Weaboo: HA! I've already read The Hunger Games, it's called Battle Royale, bet you've never heard of that.

Normal Person: No, what's Battle Royale?

Weaboo: It's a superior story to that terrible American rip off of a book, Battle Royale or gtfo. I'm so immature that I can't tolerate people not liking what I like. I'm a waste of matter. Pass me my super Japanese noodles I bought from Walmart in the ethnic food isle.
by CaptainButtchin January 11, 2014
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Slang for a japanese anime/manga culture obsessed westerner.
Usually owns merchadise of their favourite shows and characters, such manga, dvd/blurays, figurines, posters, body pillows. Will sometimes deny they are weaboos. Perfect example Russel "Soressor" Ion, the molester.
Russel: I'm not a weaboo, but here's my Hatsune Miku poster. No, stop. Don't look inside that closet.
by Definitely not Kuroken March 18, 2020
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A weaboo is an overly obsessed anime fan. They eat, sleep, and breathe anime. They only talk about anime, fail when attempting to speak Japanese, and over all, fail in socializing.
Hannah: You are such a baka!

Me: You are such a weaboo.
by KanekiKenDidNothingWrong May 21, 2015
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This is basically a Japanese internet slang used commonly to define people who are obsessed with the Japanese culture.

Some people see them as annoying, since they always like to imitate the Japanese culture, even if they're not Japanese.
Person #1: Arigato for the food! Kenpai!
Person #2: Since when you've become such a weaboo?
by Paradoxmi_st November 28, 2016
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Weeaboo: OMG Becky I'm like so freaking out. Did u see the new black Butler episode...UH Zatsu is so hoottttt...IMA BOUT TO ORGASM SO HARD RIGHT NOW....I LIKE KPOP... EXO IS BASE I WANT TO GET ANALY PENETRATED BY THEM ORGAASSMMM
by Animekid February 15, 2017
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One who eats pocky in their underwear and butchers the Japanese language.
Clyde the weaboo told everybody at his lunch table to watch his favorite anime.
by DrunkenEskimo42 June 1, 2015
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