This is basically a Japanese internet slang used commonly to define people who are obsessed with the Japanese culture.

Some people see them as annoying, since they always like to imitate the Japanese culture, even if they're not Japanese.
Person #1: Arigato for the food! Kenpai!
Person #2: Since when you've become such a weaboo?
by Paradoxmi_st November 28, 2016
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One who eats pocky in their underwear and butchers the Japanese language.
Clyde the weaboo told everybody at his lunch table to watch his favorite anime.
by DrunkenEskimo42 June 01, 2015
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A person who is overally obsessed with anime/Japanese culture or shows who commonly boasts their fake knowledge. The knowledge they know is commonly false, although, a weaboo could be a person who is overally obsessed with Japan but knows the facts and common knowledge.
False knowledge weaboo: That person is a total weaboo; they said they watch Naruto on the news channel and claim "Francis" is a character!
True knowledge weaboo: I'm a total weaboo; I can translate all of Baby Metal's songs and I know every name of the character's in Fairy Tale!
by MūmōTeigisuru December 25, 2016
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Someones who's life only resolves on anime, manga and video games. They wear products that resolves to an anime or video game and only talk about it. It gets annoying.
"Daww!! What a kawaii sunset!"
"Did you watch the last episode of Bleach?"
"Yeah! It was so sugoii!! Toshiro is so sugoii!!"
"He's not that great..."
"Oh you're a baka!! Kyaaa! Toshiro!! you're so kawaii!!"
*In my mind "weaboo...."
by Astrain May 18, 2012
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Someone who's world revolves around anime and manga and that's all they freakin' talk about 24/7 because they don't know anything about anything else in the world. They are like otaku's but worse and and major geeks and nerds. AKA Melissa Leonard. They also bash the japanese culture and language by trying to talk japanese and saying KONICHIWA!!! OMG THAT'S KAWAII DESU!!! NYA!
I freakin' hate weaboo's because they are retarded.
by jlotusblossom7 January 21, 2010
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Slang for a japanese anime/manga culture obsessed westerner.
Usually owns merchadise of their favourite shows and characters, such manga, dvd/blurays, figurines, posters, body pillows. Will sometimes deny they are weaboos. Perfect example Russel "Soressor" Ion, the molester.
Russel: I'm not a weaboo, but here's my Hatsune Miku poster. No, stop. Don't look inside that closet.
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by Definitely not Kuroken March 18, 2020
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