A weaboo is a slang term used for people obsessed with the Japanese culture but having little to no relation of being Japanese. Another term is for a person obsessed with anime and vocaloids.
I'm not a weaboo! Yes.. you are a weaboo!
by Kotekyuda June 14, 2017
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someone who likes anime a lot but denies it even though he asks other to play anime games with him
Aaron: "Logan's a weaboo"
Logan: "what no"
by Totallynotaaron January 3, 2018
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Someone overly enthusiastic in an asian manner. Generally involves waving, playing asian videogames, or enjoying manga and anime.
Danny? Did you see him do that wave. He's such a weaboo.
by IToldYou May 16, 2011
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A word used mostly on 4chan. This word is basically a synonym for otaku.
WEABOO! (most common use)
You are such a weaboo.
by /d/eviant June 7, 2006
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When directed at a native Japanese, weaboo is synonymous with Otaku.
This jap is mad cringe when talkin with biddies, mad weaboo yo.
by itsallgoodgames December 22, 2018
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God dam weaboo's!
stuckfixated sucks my weaboo!
Stfu you damn weaboos!
look at that weaboo!
by Mission obviouis December 12, 2006
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a weaboo watch anime manga and visual novel
weaboo fag : hey you watch naruto?!?!?!? naruto is the best drama!
weaboo friend : no you're weaboo.
by a big fat faggot November 18, 2015
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