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Someone who is obsessed with Japanese culture (most likely including anime, manga, etc.) to the extent that they believe that they are and can speak Japanese, ironically disrespecting the culture in the process. Often used to insult people who simply enjoy Japanese culture. Also shortened to weeb.
"Oh my god he's such a weaboo, he can't even speak Japanese properly and he thinks he knows everything about Japan."
by Black Kitten August 22, 2016

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Noun. After you've taken your garbage out to the street, these shadowy figures come out in the night to take part of it that they perceive as a 'great find' with the intention of fixing it and putting it into their home. Some especially brave gnomes will come during the day to take your garbage, but this is a rare breed.

Examples of things that could be considered treasure by garbage gnomes: Broken/old computer desks, broken/old computer monitors, used/old stained mattresses(because surely those stains could be removed), broken/old furniture, broken/old televisions.
*Kelly takes garbage out to the street*
*Garbage Gnome drives by and sees said garbage*
Garbage Gnome: I can't believe someone threw that away!
*Garbage Gnome loads up something from the garbage in their car/truck/suv*
*Kelly wakes up in the morning, walks outside and notices the recliner she threw out missing*
Kelly: Well, I hope they manage to fix the broken arm on that recliner that grand dad used to piss in while watching tv.
by black kitten October 25, 2006

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