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1. any type of cheap dog food you get from the store, instead of really quality dog food. it can make the dog's skin breakout or cause other physical maladies.

2. any single or group of black people who you may think are dangerous.

3. any type of left over food thrown into a dumpster outside a restaurant.
1. damn i ran out of the good dog food. guess i'll have to get some nigger dog food till the feed store opens tomorrow.

2. you want to go there? i hate that place, there's always nigger dog food around.

3. go throw that nigger dog food in the dumpster, those stray dogs will eat it
by Kt nola January 16, 2011

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when you put a coin inside a dollar bill, and you put chapstick or the like on the outside, and toss it at a stripper and it sticks to them.
dude, i'm bout to start throwin stripper darts at that one
by Kt nola January 13, 2011

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People, usually in the inner city, who wear pajamas out in public.
Look at that pajanimal up there beggin for shit.
by Kt nola May 06, 2013

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When you are able to do absolutely nothing and still win a contest.
We did it Joe by doing nothing
by Kt nola January 22, 2021

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Leftwing/Socialist morons who try to set up an autonomous zone when there’s a pandemic sweeping through the area
did you see the idiot branch Covidians setting up an autonomous zone in Seattle? Yeah, that went well.
by Kt nola July 07, 2020

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