We been knew or we been known
Meaning it was obvious.
Girl 1: Bro i like that guy so much
Girl 2&3: girl "wbk"
by 2xtasy March 5, 2022
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an acronym for "we been knew". it basically means that something is common knowledge to you, it's something you've been aware of for awhile.
"you look stunning, wbk wbk" she replied to her friends latest post.
"is it true that daniel has been hostile to you recently?" she asked.
"ah, wbk wbk. it doesn't bother me though." he replied.
by ireallylikepancakess July 22, 2021
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we back (alternate, but same general meaning as the awkward 'we been knew')

when somebody else finally gets what you knew all along and you get to re-enter society from outcast to elite speaker on all matters pertaining to whatever the fuck we back on this time
*somebody does something (that they do)*
stan: "she just drops hits and hints"

oomf: wbk

see also: wbk witches!
by iv ie April 4, 2021
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an acronym for “we burger king
Joe: Hey, that chick over there is really hot.
Gerardo: wbk
by jnnynm August 25, 2019
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short for 'woodblock' or 'woodzblock'

an area around the woodlands school
Westdale mall is in the wbk
by sexyback420 May 4, 2007
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Acronym standing for: We been knew. An african american vernacular english phrase meaning that something was obvious to the majority of people.
"tomato juice is disgusting. Why are you juicing vegitables?"

"Wbk, todd."
by Tranz March 15, 2021
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Person 1: this group chat is so dry

Person 2: wbk
by Sangwooscum January 19, 2021
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