n. anus

"up the wazoo" - literal meaning, up one's trapdoor. can also mean an excess, or plentiful supply of
"That guy can't be our store's Santa! He's got child molestation convictions up the wazoo!"
by AJ Barrow June 26, 2005
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Up your wazoo, asshat!
by eayte February 11, 2003
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look at that girl's wazoo. OR
shit came out of my wazoo.
by JennyJacksoff November 27, 2007
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The Wazoo is an animal park in Perth (Short for Western Australia Zoo), which has become so unpopular due to it's poor treatment of animals, that the park has in many means become synonym with shit and arse, as it is some of the worst profanities known to Australians.

Famous mascots; Peter the paraplegic platypus, Ike the inbred iguana and Casper the rotting kangaroo corpse in front of the entrance.

The zoo is also known for it's inbred hairy dogs, the Shit Zoo dogs (Australian spelling: Shih Tzu)
Amazing how she pulled that dingo out of the wazoo
by Dingowarrior October 18, 2016
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The wazoo is a domain a theoretical place in which all human beings reside. Your position relative to the wazoo has a strong correlation to the number of hair follicles on one's head. For example "out the wazoo" is equivalent to 0 hair follicles, hence meaning you are bald.
Alex: "Did you see Byron's quiz the other day"
Tyler: "Bruh that was saif"
Michael: "I got a 3, I'm out the wazoo"
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A self-important person of very little consequence: see esp. the Frank Zappa album "The Grand Wazoo" and the song titled "Cosmik Debris" (I think that spelling is correct).
"... with the oil of Aphrodite
and the dust of the Grand Wazoo
he said,
"you may not believe this, little fella,
but it'll cure your asthma, too!"
-Frank Zappa, from "Cosmik Debris"
by Peter GB September 25, 2007
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There is a respectable split among vernacularists whether "wazoo" applies to one's rump or one's porker. Ample weight for both definitions. See the delightful example below for both possible interpretations -- tuchus and ding-dong.

"How's your Father?
How's your Mother?
How's your charming sister Sue?
And, speaking of your family, how's your old Wazoo?"
by Madriaga October 10, 2003
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