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1. The status of being bent for more than a day. Usually results in loss of memory, money, strange tattoos, and other things you'll have a hell of a time explaining.

2. A homosexual male (British slang). Someone who is bent, that is, not straight.

3. The alcoholic, chain-smoking, kleptomaniac robot on Futurama.
1. What? Monday off?! I'll be on a three-day bender.

2. In the '70s, no one knew Elton was a bender.

3. "Bite my shiny metal ass!"
by AJ Barrow June 24, 2005

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n. anus

"up the wazoo" - literal meaning, up one's trapdoor. can also mean an excess, or plentiful supply of
"That guy can't be our store's Santa! He's got child molestation convictions up the wazoo!"
by AJ Barrow June 25, 2005

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n. (abbrev. fruit + tube) obscure yogurt snack in an "easy-open" flexible plastic tube. sent under because it foolishly attempted to promote healthy eating amongst young children, and 50% of the time was unopenable by hand.
Eating a frube makes me feel like I'm giving a very sloppy, but delicious, blowjob.
by AJ Barrow June 24, 2005

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n. title of a Jack Johnson song

adj. way beyond sexy, but just a growl short of total hawtness
"Arnold's hummer of death-to-girly-men, with the horn that goes MEEP MEEP, sure is sexyplexy," declared Special K to Aderol Alex.
by AJ Barrow June 24, 2005

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n. southern UK term for a whore, slag, slut, or woman of loose moral persuasion
Paris Hilton is a right barker
by AJ Barrow September 20, 2005

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