Man whose supreme knowledge and skill in hockey more than compensated for his lack of physical size and strength.

Owns several NHL records and remains a great ambassador for the game.
Jesus saves ... rebound ... Gretzky scores!
by AbnormalBoy September 17, 2004
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The Great One. Their will never ever be a hockey player as good as him. God could be playing in goal for any given team, be able to stop the shot before it happens with a single thought and Gretzky would still score 2 goals
God has a shutout going here late in the 3rd period...oh now its Wayne Gretzky on the breakaway! He's dekeing..backhand..forehand..SCOREEE. Wayne Gretzky Scores! And this one is headed for overtime

-Later on in overtime-

Here are the Oilers on the powerplay with 1:21 left in overtime. Messier's looking to pass to Gretzky..he fakes the shot passes it to Gretzky..WHO SCORES. HE SCORES. WAYNE GRETZKY scores and this game is over. He went top shelf and ended it with 1:10 to play. Oh baby what a goal!
by Lilparkczar December 3, 2007
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In Texas hold'em, the 'Wayne Gretzky' refers to having a pair of 9s as hole cards.
"I flopped the full house thanks to the Wayne Gretzky that no one expected to me have."
by Herman Ng January 12, 2006
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Until Wayne Gretzky, I didn't even know LA had a hockey team.
by hee November 25, 2005
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a huge or massive hit while smoking weed (hard hit).
damn that hit was wayne gretzky !
by dklovesthatbk November 26, 2009
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