12 definitions by grundle

the greatst band of all time, even today they still mean something to the word of music
by grundle October 18, 2003
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the lowest of the hoes
Loho is very loho
by grundle January 27, 2003
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The act of sending a gif message to the wrong person.
I am sorry I misgifed my last message to you.
by grundle September 28, 2017
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the flat yet hairy surface between the scrotem and the anus--sometimes i become stinky from a physical activity.
moy grundle is so hairy that there are roaches living there
by grundle October 3, 2003
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one who lays down his own life so that others can live
the blood that has forever stained the beaches of Normandy, is the blood of heroes
by grundle October 18, 2003
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something that did happen, but 11 million people were killed, everyone hears about the 7 million Jews who died, but no one even cares about the 5 million peasants, christians, Roman Catholics, and others who were killed
not only the jewish poeple sufered during the holocaust
by grundle October 18, 2003
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