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1. Really Good Hockey Player
2. slang, Refers to mentally retarded person, similar to a person shown in a commercial with Wayne Gretzky years ago saying "gretzky!"
Dude, I got stuck sitting next to a gretzky on the bus. He was fucking drooling!
by Bob Boukie January 31, 2005
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In ontario, canada its a nickname for a coffee served at Tim Horton's that has 9 creams and 9 Sugars.
"Ill have a gretzky and a donut and a dialysis machine please"
by BradPittlike January 16, 2007
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Easily the greatest hockey player of all time. Also the first thing that comes to mind when you hear #99, regardless of the situation. Can also be used to describe a hockey play that was set up from behind the net, since Gretzky's office was behind the cage.
Did you see that guy Gretzky it from behind the net on sportscenter?
by Justin A. V. April 08, 2008
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A sexual encounter which unfolds as follows:
A man and woman are engaging in intercourse. At the opportune moment, the man screams, "Gretzky!" In response to their cue, several of the man's friends (who have been hiding in the closet) emerge, wearing hockey jerseys (preferably Gretzky jerseys), and wielding hockey sticks, which they proceed to swat the woman with.
"My friend tried to pull a Gretzky the other day, but the girl found out beforehand and threatened to call the police."
by d107835 December 17, 2007
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A condition where the right arm is shorter than the left.
Awww man that guy has a noticeable gretzky!
by Terminator5050 May 06, 2012
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