Nickname for former Canadian professional ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky.
The Great One is the only person to have his jersey number retired league wide in the NHL.
by Sandisk1001 May 30, 2015
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The Pontiac GTO, as referred to in Pontiac's own advertising and fans alike.
"The Great One is Pontiac GTO for 1967. Isn't it time you decided to ride the wide-track winning streak?" - Television ad for 1967 GTO

"Judge! The special Great One from Pontiac GTO."- Television ad for 'The Judge' package, first offered on GTO in 1969.
by OneAJFA1988 July 9, 2010
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there were 3 men who were only known as incredible james mike and jaime. theses 3 men are with out a doubt have the most talent to ever walk the earth. Mike an actor with dead sexy looks. jamie a musican also dead sexy and talented with words. and there was james dead sexy and athletic with the 3 of them together it means fun for those who are with them bad things for those who oppose
damn there's those great ones i wana be jsut like them when i grow up
by james November 3, 2004
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There is an atheist political youtuber who calls himself Suris the Skeptic or just Suris for short. Within the last few months, Suris got a cat girl Vtuber avatar. This avatar responds to any movements Suris makes and stops moving when Suris is off camera. The Great Unblinking One or sometimes just the The Unblinking One is a name given to this avatar by his fans when he leaves his avatar unattended during a stream. When Suris has control of the avatar it can blink and talk. When he has control over the avatar, it is just Neko Suris, but when he isn't controlling it, The Great Unblinking One graces you with her presence. This is part of the lore of Suris's channel. The group that formed around The Great Unblinking One, playfully refer to themselves as the Tult of The Great Unblinking One or more humorously, The Clut of The Great Unblinking One. They even have a logo which they sent Suris to make him cringe.
by alrito246 March 15, 2021
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The Great leader of the Chipless Wild Hobos Club which operated inside mill basin day camp from 2004-2009 and outside mill basin day camp from 1999-2011 was one of the greatest fascist leaders of all time besides Hitler and Stalin (Was Stalin a Fascist?). His code name, Mike, became popular around the camp. With him as leader of the Hobos, a fascist party was set up due to the population control issues. He dismembered anybody not loyal to head office which was him and The predecessor whom later disbanded and made the Great Nation of Wazoo. He left the Mill basin operation in 2007 leaving the predecessor as leader. After the departure The predecessor set up a democratic state and the ice ages, alien invasions and the threat of extradition by The Bald One ended. But the kegging and bootlegging remained. He was an amazing Guitar player and wrote every metallica album while in Mill Basin but was never credited because he was born years later
The Great One of Mill Basin Day Camp. Wasn't he a Nazi. No he was a fascist. A fascist is a Nazi . Your wrong he was a Hobo
by The predecessor April 22, 2011
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