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Used to describe an acute exaggerated feeling of anxiety, angst, or distress. Often, but not exclusively, used by pretentious people who want to act as though they are going through a deep emotion ordeal.
Karen: "Omg you guys, I was in such a dark place after I John broke up with me. All I could do was watch Netflix and post pictures to Insta for the next 24 hours."
by Jaarken April 04, 2020
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The type of place you are at when you're hungover. This can be either physically or mentally.
"How was last night? Good, I'm in a dark place today" This could mean physically in a dark room to avoid any light other than the TV. Or, this could mean the state of mind "dark place" due to the preceding black out from last night. Usually, this is used to express both physical and mental darkness .
by Keo123 January 28, 2017
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