A sub genre of Indie Rock that includes music that is lighter and less depressing than most indie rock. Typically music you can jump or bob your head to, it is the opposite side of indie than emo. Because of its first-listen appeal, this is the music that your commercial radio listening friends end up buying after they have heard it in your car a couple of times.
Postal Service, Kings of Convenience, Belle and Sebastian, Beta Band, Doves, Polyphonic Spree
by jtjennings April 5, 2005
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Otherwise known as "Popular Independent".

1. An oxymoron.
2. A genre of music describing independent bands that have become popular (aka selling out).
Joe: Hey what do you think of Feist?
Jane: Oh her voice is so amazing! I like a lot of that indie pop stuff nowadays.
by Laura Marshall September 19, 2007
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Popular Independent.
the mainstream of underground media.
the most popular music,writing,film ect. that is still not very popular.
"Indie Pop Rocks" is an internet radiostation that plays all the popular new indie-rocker tunes.
---also, many upcoming bands, magazines ect. are considered inie pop until they make it into the Mainstream fame.
by californialicious June 16, 2004
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A genre characterized by pop conventions and structure, and a melodic, lighthearted sound. Artists generally use typical rock instrumentation (drums, guitar, bass, vocals), although some artists deviate from this, sometimes including electronics, piano, strings, or even eschewing guitar altogether.---------------Some examples (that you should totally checkout by the way) would be The Score, AJR, Grandson, Quinn XCII, Mumford and Sons, Jon Bellion, etc....
Person #1: Hey what genre of music is this it's actually pretty good!
Person #2: Oh it's an Indie pop band called The Score
Person #1: Cool I'm going to check them out.
by KRW :) April 27, 2018
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