The act of ejaculating inside your partner's vagina/anus, then having them squat over your face, allowing your semen to dribble into your mouth, finally you spit your semen into your partner's mouth, completing the circle. Coined the water wheel because of the circular nature of the semen's voyage.

Thought by many to be Terry Schiavo's final sexual act.
Unable to convince his wife to eat real food, Mr. Schiavo resorted to supplying his wife with protein supplements via the water wheel.

by le mustache! November 6, 2006
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Fanning your hands in a circle to scoop a waft of your fart towards your nose so as not to waste the olfactory deliciousness. Like a water wheel scoops water from the creek to mill flour.
She was oddly turned on after he gassed. then water wheeled the stank towards his nose.
She was oddly turned on after he gassed, then water wheeled the stank towards his nose.
by Rjb4cards April 16, 2021
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A combination of a dutch windmill and soggy biscuit, where each man in the circle holds his penis with his right hand, puts his left hand on the man to his left's right wrist and makes him masturbate. They all ejaculate onto a stroopwafel, and the person on the right of the last man to ejaculate must eat the stroopwafel.
Simon - "Let's get some friends round and we can have a Dutch Water Wheel!"
Findlay - "We'll need at least four guys."
by Cryogenic April 29, 2015
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Guy 1 "Man i was Pulling a Sgt.peppers water wheel in the bath room, got shit all over the place".
Guy 2 " what the hell is wrong with you"
by Sgt.Peppers Bs 2 December 8, 2009
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