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Where a person Wears their glasses tilted downward, making them look fast and ready to party.
β€œHoly shit! Hey Toby, look at Lachie! Look, he’s over there wasping to darude’s Sandstorm!
by Avoparsley January 30, 2018
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The act of either loitering around and staring expectantly at, or outright stealing someone else's food whilst they're trying to eat it.

'Wasps' will typically not buy anything whilst you are getting food, with the excuse that they are not hungry. This is a ruse, as they are already planning a future attack on one of your pizza slices for when you next look away.

If caught in the act, a 'wasp' will either defend themselves by pointing out how they don't have any food, how you have too much food, or how they weren't hungry five minutes ago, but are now. This is bullshit.

'Wasps' should be swiftly and efficiently dealt with by a quick squirt in the eyes with bug spray, like you might any other insect-y bastard. Another prevention method is to cover your food in something only you would eat. This will repulse 'wasps' and most likely cause them to tell you how "disgusting" it is. This is only because you have spoiled their food-freeloading fantasies.
Stop bloody wasping on my chips, Jason! I asked if you wanted any when we were in the chippy, and you said you weren't hungry!
by Grammared! August 06, 2016
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Verb. The act of vacuuming wasps out of thin air in the effort to capture and tame them. These wasps are then taught various tricks and then donated to local zoos.
Girl: "Why are there so many wasps in the vacuum? Have you been going wasping again?"
by bender billy October 28, 2014
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