Waris is an amazing and loving individual. Characterized by her intelligence and high marks at school, so one can possibly hate her other than by envy.
Waris is an amazing sister.
by ACaring December 27, 2021
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mexican jew who works at taco bell selling tacos
wari is a mex!!!!
by weee March 16, 2003
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Someone who will ring the police at the first sign of trouble. Usually a neighbour, will look out the window and watch for troublemakers. The wary citizen will see someone drop a receipt and call 999 wasting the emergency services time and the wary citizen calms down as soon as they arrive. The emergency services will leave and the wary citizen will feel proud that they have managed to look after their community. They are mostly pensioners living in the south of England with nothing else to do with their time.
Random Guy: That guy just kicked a stone.
Wary Citizen: That's it, I'm calling the police!
by Mc Noggin August 10, 2017
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Someone that actually hates oranges more than anything and wants the crazy fuck that is orange to stay away from him
Wari-chan is "Someone that actually hates oranges more than anything and wants the crazy fuck that is orange to stay away from him"
by persel1 June 28, 2019
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Being suddenly wary of having referred to the recently deceased as a "bitch"
You're at the funeral of a woman you didn't much like. In fact, she was a real turd and you know it. Perhaps she was the nun who slapped your hands with a ruler when you were in Catholic school. As you walk past the casket you mumble to yourself "I'm glad you're dead, you old bitch" and you are. But suddenly you notice that people are looking at you. You may have said that a little too loudly. Or maybe they can just read lips, you really can't be sure. In that moment when you realize something may be amiss, you are officially old bitch you wary.
by zombies8 October 9, 2011
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Waris Rawa is a damn cool person, with high qualities and gentlemen attitude, he gets with girls easily and is damn sexy if you want to give his personality it would be sexy, hot, cute, caring, and will give all his love if he is committed.

I mean girl look at him, he got cuteness all over.
Girls'be like waris rawa can i hug you ;3
by Scottezker21 November 24, 2021
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Aka "tentative/trepidatious tap". Refers to the hasty and teeth-gritting "getting it over with" hand-slap that you give a metal door-handle prior to grasping it, to swiftly ground yourself and thus lessen the nasty wallop of a static-electricity shock that you'd otherwise get if you merely reached out timidly for the door-handle and caused a huge white spark to jump from "A" to "B".
I always perform the wary whack while running my errands around town during the dry winter months; the only problem is that my hand gets kinda numb and bruised after a while from all of that harsh pinging against the cold hard metal door-knobs and handles on the front doors of the assorted places of business that I have to go around to.
by QuacksO February 9, 2019
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