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Exclamation: A way of resignedly expressing one's own defeat or disgust with a situation. Often followed by the object in question.
*toy breaks*
person: gg plastic

person was killed by headshot from awp
person: gg overpowered awp

Cats: You have no chance to survive, make your time.
Captain: gg
by weee September 10, 2003

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THE most kawwii chibi. evar.
Goten is on DBZ.
by Weee November 07, 2003

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A Diarrheaus spray fart to the face
oh! that was a good poopystink!
by weee June 28, 2005

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mexican jew who works at taco bell selling tacos
wari is a mex!!!!
by weee March 16, 2003

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