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Someone who will ring the police at the first sign of trouble. Usually a neighbour, will look out the window and watch for troublemakers. The wary citizen will see someone drop a receipt and call 999 wasting the emergency services time and the wary citizen calms down as soon as they arrive. The emergency services will leave and the wary citizen will feel proud that they have managed to look after their community. They are mostly pensioners living in the south of England with nothing else to do with their time.
Random Guy: That guy just kicked a stone.
Wary Citizen: That's it, I'm calling the police!
by Mc Noggin August 10, 2017
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Someone who ruins a relationship deliberately, they have an astounding level of patience, confidence and consistency. When someone has broke up with their partner and it's neither his or her fault, it's likely that they have been the victim of a relationship defacer.
Person 1: Why did you and Mel split up? You seemed really happy together.
Person 2: A relationship defacer came and ruined everything.
Person 1: I'm sorry.
by Mc Noggin August 10, 2017
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A clerk, usually dressed in smart clothing. They can be found in an office drinking tea and watching YouTube and often pretend they are hard at work. They attempt to come and go whenever they like and usually tell another member of staff to deal with a customer who is requiring some help and advice.

Most bank managers work Monday to Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm in England, however most people know that they are not actually working, just playing on a computer.
Look! Did you see that guy in the uniform? He's totally a bank manager because he ignored me when I asked him why my credit card was being declined.
by Mc Noggin April 4, 2018
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Adobe Flash Player (also known as 'Adobe Flash' or 'Flash') is a computer program which is used on the internet by many gamers and websites. It usually needs updating to the latest version every few days which can bring on anger issues among some impatient users. In the year 2020 the developers are planning to get rid of it but many people are begging it to stay. Adobe Flash has been popular for many years now but seems to be declining.
Person 1: Can ya load that game up on the website, mate?
Person 2: Sorry, I'm gonna have to wait for my Adobe Flash Player to update as I haven't used it in 2 hours.
Person 1: *throws a massive tantrum* WHAT A SHIT APP
by Mc Noggin August 9, 2017
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