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warhawk is the coolest kickass game ever created by Incognito in 2007. Warhawk is an online only game in warhawk u can ride in the plains by jeep, tank, apc, or fly by warhawks dropships or jetpacks u can hold up to 8 weapons when a troop actually 10 if u count the BFG and the field wrench also in planes there are 9 items to ur choice items to defend yourself and atack Troop items/weapons : assult rifle, knife, flame trower, rocket launcher, pistol, sniper rifle, land mines, bfg, binoculars, field wrench Aircraft items/weapons : swarm missiles, homing missiles, lighting gun, tow missile, cluster bomb, air mines, chaff, invisibility, u can mount and dissmount any vehicle easy just by pressing square in addition are ranks each rank come with a customization for your player an your aircraft allowing u to look baddas in the battle field
warhawk is a lot fun with many game modes and clans
warhawk offers a different experience from any other game and it has survived till today so go and try it!
Ieandrito: hey do have warhawk coolguy123:wat is warhawk Ieandrito : omg u dont know is the coolest game ever and you are missing it so go to psn store and download it i will teach u how to play and u will love it coolguy123: ok AFTER 2 HOURS IN A FRIEND SERVER Ieandrito : so wat u think coolguy123: i looove it
by Ieandrito May 27, 2010
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Often described as a man on a mission. The warhawk doesn't always come out but only appears in times of distress or extreme happiness. When the warhawk appears, others may become frightened but there is nothing to fear. The warhawk can be a person or a "move". The move is when you're eating pussy and you stick the thumb in the pussy and pointer finger in the ass. Randomly you remove your mouth from the pussy and let a cry out... "CAWWW CAWWW"
The person: "Dude, did you hear the warhawk is out? Oh fuck man it's gonna be a long night."

The move: "Bro, I warhawked the shit outta that bitch last night"
by THE WARHAWK HIMSELF February 20, 2009
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A style of Mohawk, But with the idea to look like Hectors Shining Helmet, with the hair standing straight up, a popular style in the Steampunk Culture and or the little wanna be punks in your hometown
Look at the Mohawk mommy... no that's not a Mohawk little Jimmy, that's a Warhawk
by Satan Santa January 19, 2009
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Term used to define a phenomenally good firefighter and Bartender with loot. The living legend of Luke Taylor.
A Warhawk whats good.....where's the shindig jumpin' off tonite?
by Jenna J. August 18, 2007
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A Warhawk is the mascot of Divison III football team UW-Whitewater. It has been the year of the Warhawk for far to long now. It is now the year of the Cardinal of North Central College (2010). Warhawks usually get bent over and fucked REALLY hard by Cardinals. When the Cardinal is finished ramming the Warhawk, it proceeds by shitting "cardinal red" all over the Warhawk's chest and pecks and its eyeballs until it is dead (much like a female spider eats a male spider when they finish fornicating). Warhawks are then sent back to Wisconsin to show all the cocky, ignorant, assholes how strong a team from the CCIW can be. Fuck the warhawks, cardinals are where its at!
Dude! Did you see the Cardinals fuck the Warhawks from behind and shit all over their chest on saturday?
by Cardinal Fan November 30, 2010
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Used to describe a member of the Republican political party in the United States because of the party's history of "finding" wars all over the planet to join, i.e. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc.
If a Republican gets elected, warhawks will be on the rise and we'll be involved in another war.
by Qui Long July 09, 2009
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