4 definitions by bobbybomb

1. A republican who is a closeted homosexual.

2. Sean Hannity

3. Roy Cohn

4. Rush limbaugh
" Dude governer Christ is such a homoblican, it's not even funny."
by bobbybomb December 22, 2011
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A decision one might make, after sleeping with someone of the opposite sex who was disgustingly ugly.
"Man that bitch I slept with last night was so fugly I might just turn gay!"
by bobbybomb December 21, 2011
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The point of no return for a man who is under the spell of a warewolf looking girl while heavily intoxicated. His fate will ultimately be, waking up to the ugliest of any girls he has ever witnessed in his life. Although a friend might try multiple times to warn him of the major regrets he might face in the morning, and for the rest of his life, the warnings go unnoticed because he has already been warewolfed.
"Boo, how the fuck could you let me go home with that THING last night?"

"Troy....I tried with all of my power to intervine, but it was much to late. You had already been warewolfed!"
by bobbybomb December 17, 2011
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1. An ultra conservative is someone on the far extreme end of the right. They all tend to be pro life, pro rich, and of course pro religion(that is christianity). The modern day GOP consists largely of ultra conservatives.

2. A modern day threat to human rights.

3. Everyone at Fox News.

4. Highly against Gay Marriage
The year 2028...

"Man did you know back in the day people retired at 65, abortions were legal, the old were taken care of through this thing called medicade, evolution, not inteligent design was taught as science, and evryday citizens had rights."

"Wow that sounds like a fantastic story, fiction of course, but great at any rate. No ULTRA CONSERVATIVE could live in a world like that!"
by bobbybomb December 22, 2011
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