Somebody who is not right in the head or who behaves out of the ordinary A joker.
Jon set fire to his groin. So he must be wapped, wappy, a wapnut, wap head, warped.
by UK Frank February 19, 2009
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to be really stoned/inebriated under the influence of marijuana
after 5 j's luke was so fucking wapped
by skane November 29, 2003
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He Wapped it out for all to see.
by kymcleod October 21, 2003
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random person : you can tell she got that wap the way she walk🤣
by jaydawayda_ August 11, 2020
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A slang term denoting the phrase "Wet-Ass Pussy".
"Bring a bucket and a mop for this wet-ass pussy,
I'm talkin' wap, wap, wap, that's some wet-ass pussy"
-Cardi B
by Malice101 August 7, 2020
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With A Passion
ILYWAP - I love you with a passion
I love this song WAP - I love this song with a passion
I hate that WAP - I hate that with a passion
by ashmal October 29, 2010
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WAP stands for Wet Ass Pussy.

WAP comes from the hit-single WAP by Cardi B and Meg/Megan Thee Stallion.
by pooftylee August 8, 2020
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