A word people tend to type whilst(have to use big words) trying to type the word want
I wany to have lots of sex tonight, so come hither please.
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a smart girl , beautiful and talented girl

not afraid to say the most cruel truth
she's stubborn but knows how to make everyone laugh.
#wanie #$$ ##urbanlegend
by jane56819g December 29, 2016
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Wani is known as a smart and pretty girl, she like a simple but nice outfit and love to make friends. She really like to eat a lot and always have a kind heart. Always smile & she obviously can be a true friend, true sould and trusted one.
Wow look at wani, she is the prettiest among the girl
by Mwkq December 28, 2017
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A brave woman; also pretty; have a kind heart and everyone loves her
Go Wani! You know youre such a brave woman on the earth. You can do it!
by xxxx_random December 28, 2017
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Urban Alligator; a human form gator that lives in a city, or is transient.
There goes Wani! Everybody loves Wani. He is awesome.
by Alligator March 31, 2005
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A known person to play games.Often hated by peers.
by WAGE-Admins January 14, 2012
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Wanying is one of he prettiest girls you will ever meet. She has this friendly aura that attracts everyone to her. She has no shortage of admirers but is so focused on this one person that she loves. Wanying is usually very smart. Even though sometimes stereotypically she doesn’t seem like the smart type, but trust me, she gives the best advices and picks up anything very fast. Even though Wanyings are usually very confident, she is kind of shy to approach a guy that she likes. She’s kind of stupid sometime because of how selfless she can be with the people that she love. Sh can’t stand seeing anyone get hurt. She’s rather herself get hurt then others. Being friends, or a lover with a Wanying might just be one of the best choices you’ve ever made in your life.
That girl, she seems like a Wanying.”
by Jess.W April 1, 2018
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