Wantagh is the only town with that name. Yea, wonder why.

Basically this town is full of teenagers who are all basically fucked up in the head. Wantagh High School has its groups like every other school, but lets look into that a little deepier. The only thing that is going to be a problem,is the girls who are about to be freshman coming up in 08. The only thing they are good at is the fact they know how to use tanning lotion, mascara, and are familiar with the details of eating disorders.WHS's ethnicity ratings, include 98% white people. The only thing wrong with this picture is about 25% of them think they're black. Some people think they are skinny when they are fat. Some people, ok all people think they fat when they are skinny.Some people think they shuu taukk lykk diss, YEA NO. WHS's vice principal eats more doughnuts then other vice principals.WHS has an island outside with absolutely no grass where whs's kids smoke and where the security guards dont see it " ".

Wantagh kids have done at least 1 of the following every day:
-made fun of freshman because they have to stay in the cage
-gone through the choice of either getting a chicken wrap or a cutlet wrap
-came into the baking room and took food
-been bitched out/chased by an abnormally short woman
-checked out either mr.apfelbaum or mr. hampson
-complained about there not being any toilet paper in any of the bathrooms

WHS has gay senior pranks. We live 8 minutes from the beach, yet everyone never goes. WHS has .5% emo people. If your good at a sport, or get A's which mean you are never called down to 104.If you do get called down to 104, most of the time your in deeppp shit. Being normal is being orange with a skirt up your ass.The woods is where everyone drinks, and then gets chased out by cops.WHS has their own dj " " lmao. WHS has phycos that punch glass windows over girls they cant have. WHS has people who take dumps on stairs. Everyone has been to The Cup.Everyone bitches when levvitown people claim wendys to be theres.You can't hold down a secret in wantagh. and wantagh is WANTAGH not montauk, get over it. and even though everyone claims in hating their school and btiches about getting out, most people end up going to nassau anyways so.. oh well
-Fuck the speakers broken
-Don't worry let's call over wantagh famous teen dj!

*Hall pass?
*Silence, keeps walking
*walks faster

~Can you keep a secret?
~Yea you know me, I won't tell
~No one knows so dont tell.. well, he broke up with me last night
~Yea I know i'm sorry
~Wait..what who told you?
~Myspace bulletin
by woahh June 29, 2007
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an extremly small town where EVEYONE knows EVERYONES business,girls are the biggest sluts,guys are the most immiture people you will ever meet and are the biggest assholes. also the whitiest town ever but every guy thinks there african american. weekends consist of drinking bud light in the woods with a million people or smoking weed or having huge house partys were something usually goes wrong.

phrases said by people from wantagh include:do it up,do work,before every sentence they said wait, tru/truski,

also,a town where know one knows where it is but everyone knows the towns around it. (bellmore seford merrick,massapequa levittown) or they mistake it for montauk. also gateway to jones beach
person:oh where do you live?
person from wantagh:wantagh
person:wait montauk??

girl 1:where do u wanna go out to lunch?
girl 2:robeks,or healty eatary
girl 1:omgg okayy ill drivee

*girl breaks up with guy and doesnt tell anyone yet*
*5 mintues later goes down the block to party*
*people run to the door to greet her* omggg you broke up with phill? whyyy?
by dina__yo May 2, 2007
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town on the south shore of long island just like any other suburban town obnoxious kids, teens, and middle-aged mothers in sweats by the elementary school making playdates people from the city just think of it as jones beach a surrounded by massapequa, seaford, plainedge, bellmore, merrick, etc. commonly confused with montauk
Teenage girl from Wantagh: like omg u wanna go down to the beach
her friend: like no omg my mom has to go to yoga and then go to target to buy more sweatpants and i have to like pick up like my little lister from her like playdate
by kimsalrry October 17, 2006
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An upper-middle-class town on the South Shore of Long Island and the town in which Jones Beach is located. Some areas are very wealthy, some are very middle class. Filled with Jews & Italians. Directly in the middle of 5 upper-middle-class-south-shore neighborhoods which consists of Merrick, Bellmore, Wantagh, Seaford, & Massapequa. A very populated, nice place to live. Jones Beach is only 5 minutes away! So if you have $16,000 to blow on property/school taxes per year, move to Wantagh! Watch out though - every 50 year old mother here is driving a $40,000 SUV and they can be very aggressive on the road...
Upset Woman "I just got a letter in the mail saying that my property taxes next year will be $17,000 on my home in Wantagh...and I don't even live on the water"
Man "Welcome to Nassau County hun"
Upset Woman "Guess I am going to have to cut back on buying my kids all of their clothing from Hollister & Abercrombie"
by supersexybitchplease July 22, 2011
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Suburban white town where drama is an everyday thing. During summer all kids do is walk around and get shitfaced near beech street and in the preserve(also called 'dry zone'). Everyone knows when something happens the minute is happens. Even though we are the gateway to jones beach we almost never go there. The girls are very cliqueyyy & if you get on someones bad side be prepared to get hated by all there friends & bbm and facebook fights will start. Most of the girls are sluts and will get to drunk to do stuff with guys and wont remember half the things they do w you. The guys are assholes and will screw you over. You will talk to a lot of guys but most of them will screw you over in the end or just want a quick hu. Drunk hu are a daily thinggg & most of the time you will regret them.

During school you will either get straight A's or fail. It is awkward the first couple months bc you see your drunk hu and people you acted like a retard in front of while you were shitfaced. The vice princibal goes to the tanning booth more then most teenage girls and you will look pale compared to him. The princibal is chill and only cares if u show skin but wont question you otherwise. As a freshman it is easy to cut lunch. Keep on Mr. Svolos good side or he will kill you and you will get sent down to 104 a lot(which is not a good thing).

...........on weekends though you drink four loko, joose, natties or other crappy beers get hammered and walk around. Thats wantagh for you!
Girl 1-"Can we do something tonight pleaseeee"
Girl 2- "Yesss can we please"
.........(Later on that night).............
Girl 1- "we woudlkjn end upp drunk at beaech streeit"
Girl 2- "Lmmfaooaoa i knwow!"

Thats wantagh for you!
by Hottttiiie August 14, 2010
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Wantagh is a great town known for being the “Gateway to Jones Beach.” It’s filled with a mix of spoiled, snobby, chill, and sporty kids whose parents pay outrageous property taxes.

Real estate wise, the Wantagh Woods section is most desirable and has a exceptionally wealthy class of people moving in. Older homes are being flipped weekly and sold for over a million each. I Most parents are lawyers and very involved in their child’s Lacrosse or soccer careers. There is no privacy among Wantagh Woods residents and everyone knows eachothers business. The Moms are usually MILFs and attend yoga before their kids PTA meetings where all the gossip goes down. It’s hard not to find someone who hasn’t played lacrosse and who doesn’t hate Garden City. The kids are down to smoke at any point of the day and usually go to a spot in the preserve called Coors if the cops aren’t around. Basically to sum it up, Wantagh Woods kids are sporty, Catholic and the more wealthy students end up attending Chaminade, SHA or Kellenberg Memorial for High school.

Forest Lake kids are interesting, and not really known for anything but you must go there to get to Coors.

The Mandalay section is filled with Jewish American Princesses and spoiled kids who live on the water. They’re generally chill but the section is very small so there are not too many.

In the end, Wantagh is a great place to grow up and most people have each others backs no matter what goes down.
Wantagh kid: “I live in Wantagh”

Everyone: “Montauk? wow that’s really far
by taghlax March 21, 2018
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One of the most boring towns on Long Island. Filled with douchebags and sluts. In Wantagh High School there's an annoying population of assholes that think they're bigger than they really are and ultimately will end up working at mcdonalds after they graduate. Then there are the select few who actually don't give a fuck and want to just get out of this shitty town. Good for you. The town is basically 99% white. It's pretty bad considering you can count the people that aren't white on one hand. There are countless douches that think they're ghetto, when in reality couldn't be more of the opposite.

The social totem-pole is pretty simple here..
Seniors>Juniors>Sophomores>Staff>Custodians>The trees outside>Dirt>Security Guards>Freshman...

Yeah that seems about right... But yeah, The security guards here are really fucking annoying. They think they're cops, when in reality they're biggest concern is if you're cutting class or going to take a shit. It's pretty sad.

Most the teachers here are assholes, although some can be really nice. Mr. H our dean comes off as the biggest asshole but he's actually not that bad of a guy if you've ever actually been called down to 104.

The only time stuff gets exciting is when a girl has a pregnancy scare or when tools decide to steal a highchair from wendy's. Yeah. Life's pretty sad here.
-"Oh hey you know the black kid in our school?"

-"Yeah, what about him?"

*Wantagh: Gateway to Jones Beach*
*never goes to beach*
by ∆ø˙˜ August 19, 2012
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