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the ability to wank both left and right handed
rich is wankidextrous, he can browse the internet and wank and not struggle with the mouse !
by Rich_2oo3 June 21, 2006
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The state of being equally adept at masterbating with both the right and left apendages (hands, or feet for those feeling adventurous!)
Mike was wanking with his right hand and got bored so decided to switch to his left hand, which felt great and he was equally adept with his left as with his right! Hence Mike can claim to be wankidextrous!
by Geeeezer November 03, 2009
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Someone who can wank with both hands, interchangeably.
Wow, that dude can wank back and forth between hands.

Yeah man, he's Wankidextrous.
by daveodonohue July 22, 2016
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