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A Festival of Wank. A Proliferation of toss. An excess of jizz. A massive accumulation of useless remnants resulting from a bunch of wankers tossing all over their keyboards.
UrbanDictionary is a total wankfest.
by Titwanker May 22, 2004
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In early teenage years, for a group of developing boys to slide their penis from their slowly unzipped fly to show to the friend sitting next to them. They compare size and generally get rather hard. Then they test if they can ejaculate yet. For later dates they name these gatherings "a wankfest".
Billy: "Jeez Tommy yours is so darn big!"
Tommy: "Dude, I KNOW!!"
Jimmy: *Holds out a tissue* "GUYS GUYS... I'VE CAME!"
Billy: "We are SO having another wankfest next Friday!"
by willyjuniorD September 30, 2005
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Secondary definition: A person (male or female) whose personality closely resembles the concept outlain by envisioning previously accepted definitions of the word "wankfest" (summary: a large festival of wank).
A giant of a bagpipe-playing college male wears a tight ski-suit to a Halloween party to impress females.

Females say: that guy is a major wankfest.
by anticipate&dominate November 12, 2008
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to wank or masterbate for hours and hours with a good supply of porn of one's choice and a good supply of lube. Done without lube and you risk getting an inflated foreskin or even worse blisters on your cock. wankfest parties are less common than solo wankfests but still more common than you'de think especially common amongst fourteen to fifteen year olds.
jayden organised a wankfest party but had to call it off when the lady at the video store told him he was too young to hire porn
by jayden kahi February 24, 2007
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whipping a bit of cock out, and having a nice wank in a circle
"by golly that was a nice wanfest last night!"
"oh i know! did you see the size of jims!"
by wankfesteeee March 07, 2005
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A festivle of wank. Were a group of men jointly wank in harmony.
I am of to wankfest to shoot my load in harmony with my budies.
by ChrisL January 30, 2004
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