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Allie is an all round beautiful girl, inside and out. An incredibly strong and supportive girl. Allie is a girl who deserves respect and great relationships with people. In an argument with Allie, she will always come out on top, this girl is flawless. Allie's can be quite insecure because of their difficult past, but still smiles and laughs. Allie's are unbelievably stunning. She has many friends. Many people adore Allie, and you cant blame them!! Everyone loves allie.
friend- hey Allie, I have missed you!
Allie- I love you! I missed you too.
by hornyhamish May 24, 2018

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what a guy does to his dick when he is alone, to pleasure himself and cum. It feels so fucking good by the way!!!
Johnny wanked over the girl rubbing her pussy.
by hornyhamish February 07, 2018

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