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Pronunciation: Won - guh
(adj.) Most likely orginating from Mexico or Latin America.
1. Loose or floppy, especially referring to clothing or body parts.
2. A adjective that conveys a negative feeling toward baggyness, floppyness or loosness of clothing, body parts or attatchments
1. Yo Carolina, do these jeans look wanga on me in the booty area? It feels like I have a loaded diaper back there cause they be saggin like a pregnent goat.
2. Dude, check out that chicks wanga cottage cheese thighs. Shit, they're so wanga, I think on of them slapped me in the face from across the street!
3. As Cynthia stood in the mirror in the dressing room checking out the new pants she was going to buy, she knew they were wanga in the butt, but she always bought pants 2 sizes too big. Maybe it would fill out one of these days...back to its original glory.
by Wonga Patrol March 21, 2005
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Acronym for the Bravo television show "Work of Art, the Next Great Artist".
The art community is so excited to now have a reality show like WANGA to get people talking about art in the same way as food or fashion.
by Austin Folatio July 10, 2010
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Of Mexican and Latin decent. To mean loose and saggy especially applied to clothes. Can also be applied to body parts especially the booty.
1) Yo, dude your pants are so wanga, I could stick a dirty diaper all up in there.
2) That chick's booty is so wanga, I got slapped in the face from it across the street!
by Wanga Police March 16, 2005
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Another word for "want" often used when needed desperately by someone who is very distressed or very sleepy.
"I wanga my blankey!!!"

"I wanga link that Jeremiah boy"
by GeorgeyBoy1 February 26, 2008
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describes male person of great interlect and athletic ability. Also used to descrbe person who is good looking and has great personality.see also wangers
"oh wow! look it's wangas, lets go and make love to with him"
by wangas October 15, 2004
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Unable to climb rocks, however in still photos always appears to be doing a good job. Despite his natural problem solving ability, he can never seem to find which rock to go to next, and that my friends will be his downfall.
Wangas just go to that rock there, and jump over to that one.
by Chris November 25, 2004
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