Quite simply the BEST word ever devised. It's a mixture of the words, 'fantastic', 'amazing' and 'magical' all in one juicy little package.

It's important not to overuse the word. It's reserved for when ordinary, boring words just won't cut it.
"Woah, Melisa! Those knee high, stripey socks are fantasmagorical!"
by Richard/Melisa October 25, 2006
Extraordinarily fantastic.
Woah that new mixtape is Fantasmagorical.
by 3486784401a May 6, 2016
A combination of "fantastic", "orgasmic", and "magic"
Man, Kristy's eggs are fantasmagoric!
by Kristymcj August 21, 2006
Incredibly fantasic and amazing. Unlike anything ever seen before.
Smoking the dubey is fantasmagorical. You'll never experience anything like it.
by Greg's roommate March 12, 2003
A misspelling of phantasmagoric, but used generally as a synonym for cool. Phantasmagoric means the constantly shifting series of intertwined pictures like you experience during dreaming. Fantasmagorical draws on this definition, but more describes an interesting experience.

Note that fantasmagorical and fantasmagoric mean the same thing.
That roller coaster so wonderfully cool...It's absolutely fantasmagorical!
by jj2dd April 7, 2006
really really really really great
"he's fantasmagorical!"

"what does that mean?"

"he's really really really really great"
by grizzzzzzzzz June 28, 2009