wamp wamp or wahhhhhhnnn are southern terms interchangeable with phrases such as "this is quite comedic" or "i am very much enjoying this situation."
Bill: Yo dawg, I just ate some fiya tacos!

Ted: wamp wamp!
by Pickles McCallister March 03, 2011
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Pronounced like whomp, WAMP stands for Where Are My Pants? This is a 'game' often played the morning after crazy drunken sex with a stranger. Once pants have been located, one may exclaim 'WAMP WAMP.'
Traci: Are you coming to class?
Betty: Yes, I just have to play a round of WAMP first...
Sara: Did you find them?
Betty: Yeah, on the front porch! WAMP WAMP.
by theponyexpress21 June 09, 2014
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